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About us

Move quickly anticipating solutions and perspectives change and adapting to the times.

Knowing how to vary the prospects looking globally markets.

This is the spirit that animates us.

Work and develop with our customers has brought us, in so many years of history ahead of us, to communicate in a clear and simple and with individuals who seek their own abode, with both domestic and foreign companies, looking for the right location for their business or to their stores.

The ability to interpret the desires and needs of our customers by offering them certainty and security of investment, made sure the ESTATE VERSILIA is considered synonymous with expertise, professionalism and a reference point in our territory for buying and selling real estate, whether commercial or private keys.

Our know-how is fast and flexible organization, ability and quickness of finding properties at every level and at every level, is respect of the timetable and objectives, is our customer's protection and care at every stage of the negotiation.

All this leads us to work more and with more initiative, to pursue the objectives we set for ourselves and that are continually gratified by the confidence that our customers give us daily.